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Lessons Format and Plans

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Lessons Format and Plans Empty Lessons Format and Plans

Post by Izanagi on Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:10 am

Hello everyone, i am Izanagi, Head Teacher here at KCDA and the one responsible for most of your lessons. This post is here to inform you of the current Lesson formats, and all current lesson plans in the works as well as the rules of the lessons.

Lessons will be formatted in one of three ways, Articles, Challenges, and Scenarios

The Teacher will write out an article that explains the lesson in depth. The Teacher will thoroughly cover the topic and will answer questions in the thread.

Challenges: In Challenge Lessons Teachers will assign a challenge for you to complete in the hopes of helping you progress as a duelist.
There is currently only one type of challenge(subject to change)

Deck Challenges: The Teacher will assign a skeleton build and ask you to finish it, or give you a deck and say that x card must be added and such. We may also ask you to then duel with said deck and win x amount of times and provide proof in screenshots.

Scenarios: The Teacher will write out certain scenario situations and will ask questions regarding said situations. at the end of a certain time frame, the topic will be locked, the teacher will answer the questions, and will explain them.

Current Planned Lessons

Timing and SEGOC

Chaining and Interruption of chains

Special Summons, Spell/Trap cards, and negation

Spell Speed

Inherent Summons vs Non-inherent


Fire Fists

This is the current line up in no certain order, more will be added soon and each one will be put in green when it is posted.

Lesson Rules

1) Always be respectful to the teachers
-if you see we have made a mistake please point it out in a pm and we will correct it.. Don't post it in a lesson. We are not perfect and so we will admit to these mistakes.

2) Ask Questions in the lesson thread. All threads follow KCDA posting rules. If you are still unsure after the lesson is finished, then either pm the teacher, or start a topic in card discussion.

3)Any Posts not related to the lesson in any way will be deleted without warning.

4) If you believe a teacher to be wrong then when you state so please provide proof as to why they are wrong.

5) If you have a problem with a teacher then pm em immediately and i will see to sorting it out.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.

Lessons Format and Plans XaMSIX4

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