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Testing Rubric. (Must Read)

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Testing Rubric. (Must Read) Empty Testing Rubric. (Must Read)

Post by Megaz0rd on Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:30 pm

In order to participate in any KCDA event you must be tested. In the Dorm Placement Test, you will go head to head with an official KCDA tester in 2 separate duels. First match duel, then a single duel. Both of which must be hosted in the advanced unrated section of Dueling Network.

All KCDA official tests will be January 2014 format. And must be held in Advanced Unrated. In the KCDA Dorm Placement Test. There is a number of decks and cards that we have banned/limited from use during the testing process for various reasons.

Banned decks: Spellbook/Prophecy, Dark World, Evil/Steelswarm Malefic, Black Garden Bujin, Fire King, Infernity, Geargia, Karakuri, Mermail, Exodia, Final Countdown, Empty Jar, Any variant of a burn deck, Lockdown decks, and Any deck designed to FTK.

Banned Cards: Shooting Quasar Dragon.

Limited Cards: Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Number 11: Big Eye.

Semi Limited Cards: Judgement Dragon, Rekindling.

In the KCDA Dorm Placement Test you will be graded accordingly to this testing rubric

Testing Rules: If a player quits during either match or single  0 points will be given by default for that portion of the test. In the case of the use of a banned deck/card(s), the testee will be awarded 0 points for that portion.

In the single duel and match duel scoring portion the grading will be done like this.

Testee Lost match x-x-x = 0 points
Testee Lost match o-x-x = 5 points
Testee Won match o-x-o = 10 points
Testee Won match o-o-o = 15 points
Testee lost single x = 0 points
Testee won single o = 5 points

A testee will also be awarded for his/her deck building skills. The things a tester will consider are:
- Total Deck count
- Sophistication
- Consistency
- Synergy
- You will be scored highly if your deck is original, creative and consistent.

A testee will also be awarded for his/her performance during the Duels. These include, but are not limited to:
- Amount of cards that are commited to the field without protection.
- Timing and judgment
- A player will be scored highly if they can generate advantage, come back from disadvantage, or make a comeback win.

A player will also be awarded for switching decks between the two matches. 3 points can be added or reducted as Bonus Points.

+5 Points = Using different decks between the two matches.
-5 Points = Using the same deck for both matches.

For the proper grading the Testee must use the Rubric Displayed Below.

Match Duel Decks: ??? vs. ???
Match: ??/15 points

Match Deck Construction: ??/20 points
Match Performance: ??/20 points

Notes on Performance and Deck:

Single Duel Decks: ??? vs.???

Single Duel: ?/5 Points

Single Deck Construction ??/20
Single Performance: ??/10

Notes on Performance and Deck:

Overall Attitude: ?/5 Points
Different Decks: ?/5 Points

Grand Total: ???/100

Other Notes:

You will be assigned to ___________.

In this test you will be placed in one of 3 dorms depending on your score.

0-60 = Uria Red
61-85 = Hamon Yellow
86-100 = Raviel Blue
To become a Armityle Elite member you will have to take on a special challenge. You must score at least 95/100 overall and 5/5 attitude to take the challenge. Message the staff for questions.

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